The Vocal Lab specialises in effective singing methods specifically tailored for vocalists and singer/songwriters of all levels. Our philosophy is based on four principles of study - Physiology, Posture, Breathing and Resonance.

Our lessons are based on proven voice techniques that will advance you in the real world of music, whether you are a seasoned performer stuck inside your comfort zone wanting a change, or an absolute beginner wanting to learn the fundamentals of singing.

Our lessons are especially useful for those who have poor confidence in their voices and desire total vocal freedom!

We welcome singers of all ages (children from 6-13 years), teenagers and adults, whether you had lessons in the past or not.


• Singing lessons
• Voice coaching (for students who use their voice for a living)
• Vocal training (beginners through to advanced students)
• Vocal technique (learn how to use your voice properly)
• Vocal wellness/health (how to look after your voice)
• Support for MTD (Muscle Tension Dysphonia)
• Age appropriate repertoire for children
• Microphone technique
• Preparation for auditions, performance and exams
• Style, stage and performance work
• Songs in languages other than English (French, German, Spanish
• Private diction coaching (learn how to sing or speak in French, German
and/or Spanish)
• The opportunity to record their first demo song(s)as part of our services at The Vocal Lab.

“To sing in another language is like travelling to another country,
the perfect way to explore another culture is to sing their songs” ~ Coco Favre

Distinctive in our teaching methods, we collaborate with a qualified and experienced physiotherapist that is able to assess and assist with physical difficulties (e.g. TMJ/jaw joint problems, jaw and neck stiffness, postural problems, respiratory difficulties, back problems, etc..). All these could be contributing to why you may not be achieving your desired vocal goals.

We offer classes throughout the year, so that you have the flexibility and freedom of a tailored program to meet your unique needs and interests.

The Vocal Lab not only helps you free your voice, we can also record your first demo song in any language you want to! It’s never too late to find your true voice…
“Nothing can replace a one-on-one lesson with an experienced voice teacher to help you focus on tone, pitch, diction and regular scheduled lessons will allow you to work on your goals and see real progress”

Frequently Asked Questions



Establishing student’s vocal goals, vocal warm-up and foundation in vocal technique; voice physiology, how the voice works, posture, breathing and resonance, exploring music styles and songs, and then working with the student’s song of choice.


Establishing student’s immediate vocal goals, building upon the fundamentals into a more rigorous training regimen, exploring singing fitness, expanding repertoire (list of songs), developing register continuity and tonal resonance and building range expansion.

Advanced (Active artists and performers):

Establishing student’s immediate vocal needs to prepare for audition purposes or recording, preparation for gigs, or concerts, maintaining vocal health, working on more rigorous warm-ups, vocal technique and establishing singing fitness to sustain voice for prolonged singing settings. We offer recommendations on how to approach things differently to reveal qualities and different textures in your voice that may lie undiscovered.

Have a look at the lesson objectives and activities; we might be working on, depending on your current level and ability:


    • How to warm-up (body and voice)
    • Voice physiology (how the voice works)
    • Correct posture
    • Gain confidence
    • Develop vocal control
    • Reduce vocal strain
    • Increase vocal range
    • Improve pitch
    • Improve tone
    • Vocal resonance
    • Work on the songs you love
    • Improve vocal stamina
    • Voice production
    • Stage presence
    • Voice projection
    • Microphone technique
    • Voice production
    • Prepare repertoire for audition or gig
    • Record your first demo/song

Each lesson is flexible enough to give you what you really need at each particular stage of your training.


Bring at least one song (or more) that you like to sing or would like to learn how to sing (on CD, phone or mp3 player). If you don’t have it, don’t worry, we can provide most songs if they are online. If you have no idea what you like, we can help you find the song that suits your voice - and you.


We provide all the tools you might need during your lesson, including music (songs and backing tracks), lyrics, pen and paper, spring water, warm tea and a warm and friendly environment to build and maintain a healthy singing voice!

“Each lesson is flexible enough to give you what you really need at each particular stage of your training to ensure you get the most from each lesson at The Vocal Lab”.

We'll be happy to welcome you in the Vocal Lab!
If you have more questions, please email us!

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