'Heart of an Angel' is my first original song, written by my beautiful daughter Kira who was only 10 years old at the time. She was too shy to sing it herself so she played it on the guitar humming the melody to me. I loved it instantly and could hear that this was going to be an amazing song.

Kira and I worked on re-writing the original lyrics and structure and my husband Andy played guitar on the recording, along with Tony Strong from Soundfarm who produced the song. It was such an amazing journey to do this with my girl. We had a lot of fun travelling back and forth to this magical place. I am so proud that Kira was brave enough to get onto the mic at the recording studio and sing harmonies on it. If you listen carefully, you might hear one of her backing vocals. As you can imagine, this song is very close to my heart as it has been a true family project.

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