The Vocal Lab Studio Policies - 2020

Thank you so much for choosing The Vocal Lab for you or your child’s vocal journey. By enrolling with us, you (the student or parent of a student) agree to abide to our studio policies below.

Singing lessons are offered at The Vocal Lab in Blue Mountains - Upper Hutt.

There are no lessons during school and public holidays except for January (lessons start the week of 6th January 2020). We reserve the right to offer group/performance lessons during those holidays, at the teacher's discretion.

Tuition for 60-minute lessons is $3,780 divided into 12 monthly payments of $315 payable in advance by the
1st of each month. At this price, the student is guaranteed that their teacher will be prepared and present to teach 42 weeks per year. Approximately 4 of the 42 weeks will be group lessons with additional opportunities for performance classes; the remainder will be private lessons.

Tuition for *45-minute private singing lessons is $2,856 divided into 12 monthly payments of $238 payable in advance by the 1st of each month. At this price, the student is guaranteed that their teacher will be prepared and present to teach 42 weeks per year. Approximately 4 of the 42 weeks will be group lessons with additional opportunities for performance classes; the remainder will be private lessons. *45-minute lessons are exclusively for our junior singers aged 7-12.

If you choose to stop tuition during the year, 1 months’ notice is required. If you start in the middle of the year, we will pro-rate your tuition for the remainder of the year. Unpaid fees may, at the Director's discretion, result in the student being unable to continue lessons until the lessons are paid for. You agree to communicate any concerns or problems immediately to your teacher in these matters.

Extra lessons can be booked and paid for separately if the student requires additional lessons during the year. Note that students paying monthly tuition fees will benefit from discounted rates for extra lessons booked during the year. Conditions apply.

All casual lessons must be pre-paid by internet banking. Payments must be received within 2 days of the
booking to hold that time slot. If payment is not received, the lesson slot will be re-opened for booking. All casual voice lessons are non-refundable.

The first monthly payment is due on the 1st of each month, starting 1st January 2020. If you register after that date, then the first payment is due on the same day you register and after that, every 1st of the consecutive month. Payments received after the 1st of the month will attract a $10 late fee. We reserve the right to reconsider and adjust our fees annually.

Studio communication will primarily go through e-mail at This ensures a clear record
of communication and reduces the chances of misunderstanding and miscommunication. Please note that
our office hours are Monday to Friday from 10:00 am - 2.30 pm and all emails will be answered during those
days/hours. Your teacher is also in lessons some of those times and whilst teaching will be unavailable for calls. If you are running late or cannot attend the lesson due to sickness, please email or text (0204 88 5000). If you don’t hear from us the same day, your query will be replied during our office hours the following days.

Practice Time - At our first lesson we will talk more in-depth about practicing and the responsibility and expectations that come with engaging with voice lessons. If you want to experience progress and results, you need to practice often. With an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. We will try to be very specific about practice techniques to ensure that the student and the parent know what quality practice consists of. It is important to note that while the teacher will do all they can to ensure students make satisfactory progress, this cannot be guaranteed. In particular, careful regular practice as advised by the teacher is a pre- requisite of success.

Productive uninterrupted lessons – Please don’t arrive before your scheduled lesson time. If you are early, please wait either in your car or the middle deck above the studio until it is exactly your lesson time. Your teacher will open the door for you when the lesson starts.

Lessons start and finish on time - If you arrive late, your lesson will finish at the scheduled time. Break times are designed to help you and your teacher re-group, organise, breathe, and do other necessary things to assist her in teaching you (or your child) most efficiently. Because of this, we ask that you not arrive early or stay later than your lesson time.

Lesson time wind down - Teaching time ends a few minutes before lesson ending time to allow for the
conclusion of the lesson.

Please understand that your teacher is there to teach even if you do not attend. Specific times are set aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply forego the benefit of that lesson.

Your teacher will then use that time or other times to plan for the student’s progress, locate materials, etc.

It is important to note that tuition covers not only the actual lesson time spent with the student but time for preparing for each student as well. If your teacher has to cancel your lesson, then we will guarantee an extended lesson or make-up lesson. (Please note that this could be a group or performance lesson). There are no refunds or discounts given unless your teacher is unable to teach the promised number of lessons.

Missed lesson option: Facetime or Skype lessons during the student’s regular lesson time are also an option.

Please inform us as soon as possible when you know that you will miss scheduled lessons due to illness, or
any other reason. If you are only mildly ill and can go to work or school, then you are fine for lessons. If you have the very beginnings of a sore throat please advise your teacher before the lesson. There is a lot we can do in a lesson that does not include singing (going over vocal and breathing techniques, research of new songs, listening skills, etc.) The extra performance class offered during the year can be considered make-ups for absences due to illness.

If for any reason you must stop lessons, a termination notice of 1 month is requested from each student to
ensure that the student receives all scheduled singing lessons they have paid for. If the pro-rated fee did not cover all of the lessons the student has attended, we will contact the student or parent with the balance, and the final payment will be due at the last lesson or within 3 days of the termination notice. Termination notice has to be in writing. (Email or Letter).

Referrals are appreciated, and as a way to thank clients who refer other clients to The Vocal Lab, you are
rewarded with a free 60-minute lesson when the referred client completes 4 lessons.

The student agrees to assume all risk associated with participating in voice lessons and releases The Vocal Lab from any liability resulting from the singing and warming-up. The student hereby indemnifies and hold harmless The Vocal Lab, it's Director and teachers, of its activities and taking sole responsibility for any injury sustained, (including any injury caused by negligence) during any act of having voice lessons, before, during and after the lesson.

The student is responsible for their vocal health, and while the teacher will work closely with the student to ensure that they use good vocal technique, the teacher will not be held responsible in the unlikely event of vocal damage. Our driveway is narrow and can be very slippery in wet weather. Please be very cautious when coming up the driveway, as there is poor visibility and other students may drive or walk down or up at the same time as you. Please drive with care! We assume no responsibility for motor vehicle accident or personal injury sustained on the premises.

At times, we will post schedules on our website, Facebook page and/or private Facebook group, make
announcements, using student’s first names only (no pictures). Student’s feedback explicitly sent to our
Facebook page might be shared on our website as well. Pictures and videos of our students may be posted
periodically on our website with no names attached. Student’s music and recordings from studio
competitions may be posted for the benefit of helping other students. When you enroll with us, we will
collect personal information about you. Rest assured that personal details will only be used by The Vocal Lab and will not be shared or sold to any third party at any stage.

Discretion is held to waive any or all of the above stipulations in exceptional cases.

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